Notes from the Superintendent

Good Afternoon
I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information with all of you.  This has been a very good start to the year and I appreciate you charting this path with us.  I am hoping to answer some questions and share some more information, I hope this is helpful.

Hand Sanitizer
I would like to thank the University of Nebraska Food Processing Center on Innovation Campus, the UNL College of Engineering, and the Nebraska Fuel Ethanol producers for their donation of more than 60 gallons of hand sanitizer to be used at Loup City Public Schools this year.  This obviously saves us a great expense but it also means the hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol based and that alcohol comes from our state's corn growers.  Thank you!

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Building
The teaching and custodial staff is hard at work to keep our building and furniture clean and disinfected.  Teachers are using a new product that creates a detergent cleaner from water and salt.  We would like to use the least amount of chemicals possible and this is a natural way to disinfect.  Our custodians have been disinfecting common surfaces throughout the day and disinfectant each room at night.  We want to assure our community that we are doing everything possible to create a safe and clean learning environment.

I would like to thank those of you who reached out to myself or another administrator with your concerns or questions about our more stringent mask policy.  It is our hope that over the next few weeks the spread is down and we can resume our policy of "recommended" rather than the current "required."  You should have been communicated with if your child needed to have masks provided to them.  If not please contact a building administrator.

"I Have A Question"
Please know that we always welcome questions you might have about our district's curriculum, protocols, budget questions.  As the superintendent I am happy to explain or listen to your concerns.  If I don't have an immediate answer for you I will find the information you need.  You can always contact me via email, or on my phone 308-745-0120 ext 202, or you can message me on twitter @LoupCityPS.

If you have a complaint we ask that you follow our Complaint/Grievance Process which asks that you start by meeting or talking to the person with whom you disagree or have a concern.  If you feel that you do not have an appropriate conclusion to the situation please contact the building principal to meet and then contact the superintendent if you are still uncomfortable with the decision.  We want to make sure that the conflict ends as close to where it began.

Fall Sport Protocols
The kids are excited about the beginning of Fall Sports and as we approach our beginning activities I would like to share our protocols for attending and participating in fall sports.  We absolutely understand that everyone comes from a different place in this discussion but in order to mitigate circumstances we are trying to make this a great experience, keep our seasons going, and have everyone get to see their kids play.  We ask that you choose to follow our protocols so we are all able to enjoy the activities.  I have attached the protocols to this email.

Striv Channel
We know that some of you will choose not to attend our activities for a variety of reasons.  For that reason I have included the Striv link so you can continue to watch your child.  Please share this with those you feel might not be able to attend.  

Board Meetings
At this time of the year we have a couple of hearings and we are scheduling the budget hearing for September 8th at 7:30pm and the Tax Hearing prior to the regular board meeting for September 14th at 7pm.  The budget hearing is a change of date due to conflicts.

Lots of Information but I hope you are feeling positive about this year and your child's course load.

Thank you!
Angela Simpson