Hours for Community Use

Hours for Community Use

The Weight Room and Fitness Center

If you are interested in participating in the Community Fitness Center please complete the application below and send it to 

Loup City Public Schools

Superintendent's Office

800 North 8th Street

Loup City, NE 68853

Weight Room Use Agreement

Eligibility & Procedures for Use of School Weight Room

  • Any patron who resides in the Loup City Public Schools District is eligible to request use of the School Weight Room. Access by persons not residing in the school district will not be allowed. 

  • One card will be provided per household (identified as the adults and any students under the age of19). 

  • All users, other than current Loup City School students, must sign an agreement. 

  • Children under the age of 19 will not be permitted without a parent or guardian, . 

  • The cardholder may only allow members of their household entrance into the weight room facility with their assigned key card. 

  • Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed in the weight room facility as a participant or an observer. 

  • Children between the ages of 12 and 19 may not be in the facility without the direct supervision of their guardians.

Rules for Use of School Weight Room

  • No food, gum is allowed in the facilities. 

  • The school district does not allow tobacco products on the school facilities. This include inside the facility or on any part of the school property. 

  • Only water bottles and sports drinks are allowed in the facilities. 

  • No necklaces, dangling earrings, hats, or bandannas are to be worn in the weight room. 

  • No horseplay or offensive language in the weight room. 

  • Proper dress, including clean and proper footwear, will be worn at all times. 

  • Wipe down all equipment after use and return all equipment to its original place. 

  • Patrons will not be allowed to utilize the facility during the school day or during scheduled time the school is utilizing the facility. 

  • Please respect the private property of the school and the school property by leaving closets and desks undisturbed. 

  • The stereo may be used by patrons. Please keep the volume at a reasonable level for those using the facility.

Other Expectations and Consequences

  • School personnel shall have free access to monitor facilities during community use.

  • Cameras are installed in the weight room and patrons are being recorded at all times.The school may require school staff to supervise weight room use at the patron’s expense. 

  • Any damage done to equipment will be charged to the individual that damaged the equipment and access to the facility will be revoked. 

  • Weight room must be left clean and in usable condition. Any additional cleaning that is required by the district may be charged to the patrons that were using the weight room at the time.

  • Patrons will be expected to leave if requested to do so by school administration. 

  • Consequences for misuse of key card, weight room, and equipment: Key cards will be turned off at the notice of the offense. 

    • First Offense:  Suspension of key card and listed family members access for six months. 

    • Second Offense:  Suspension of key card and listed family members access for one year. 

    • Third Offense:  Key card will need to be returned, no further use of the facility will be allowed.