Notes from the Board

2019 State Education Conference

On November 20 - 22, all nine members of the Board of Education along with Superintendent, Angela Simpson attended the State Conference sponsored by the Nebraska Association of School Boards and the Nebraska Association of School Administrators.

Each member had the opportunity to attend six breakout sessions concerning several different topics relevant to issues and concerns of public school districts throughout the state of Nebraska.  

Some topics of interest for our district and information gleaned included:

  • To help maintain the vitality of their rural district communities, schools are becoming involved in and housing daycare centers in their facilities.  

  • There are increased numbers of all day Pre K programs being developed and supported by state and private funding and the State Legislature.

  • Social Media and Cyber Security continue to be concerns of all school districts.

  • The importance of community engagement, means to do so and how to promote our public schools.

  • Community partnerships can help fund and provide needed projects and equipment for school districts  outside of their budgets.

  • School Law and Policy Development are always of interest as each is in a constant state of flux.

  • School facility construction under Nebraska law, how to plan and finance.

  • The ever changing landscape of school finance and how to plan for the future.

  • An update from the Nebraska School Activities Association outlining significant changes.

Opportunities to brainstorm, share information and compare programs with fellow board members from other districts is very beneficial and the Classroom Showcase always proves to be a highlight for those attending.  Seeing what other school districts are doing in their classrooms helps form realistic goals for what we may be able to accomplish in our own classrooms.

During the NASA Membership Meeting, Ms. Angela Simpson was recognized for her 20 years dedication to school administration in the State of Nebraska.  Members of this Board of Education are very proud of this accomplishment and appreciate the experience and leadership Ms Simpson brings to our school district.  We are confident that she will be able to lead us forward in a progressive and innovative manner to grow our district and maintain the viability of our district’s communities.

“While performing one’s professional responsibilities, one is growing their resume’. If the resume’ is not growing, then one is neglectful in performing their duties.”