Loup City Elementary School is a Schoolwide Title I school. The following information is available about our Title I Program:

Title I Meetings

Schoolwide Plan

"In Need of Improvement" Identification:

School Choice: Because Loup City Elementary has been identified as a school “in need of improvement” it must offer Public School Choice. However, because Loup City Elementary is the only elementary school in our district at the same grade level there is no transfer option available to our students.

Supplemental Educational Services: This identification also requires Loup City Elementary to provide Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to eligible students (students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program). Click here for a list of SES providers that have been approved by the State Department of Education that could provide tutoring services for your child. Parents who choose to have their children participate in SES are asked to contact the Loup City Elementary office at (308) 745-0120. Once notice has been received, we will make enrollment arrangements as quickly as possible and will notify parents upon approval.

SES 2015-2016: 39 student eligible | 0 students participated


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Staff, Parent, Student and Community Surveys regarding the coop between Loup City and Arcadia. The results have all been compiled and are listed here for your review.